Hows and Knotts

Gummer's How, Windermere

Winner of the Landscape and Tradition Category 
Lakeland Book of the Year 2020

In 2017 the English Lake District was awarded World Heritage status by UNESCO as a "cultural landscape" of global significance. A landscape gifted by nature and modified by the activities of humankind to create a very distinctive and special place.

 In this book the reader is taken to 22 prominent viewpoints around the World Heritage site where the story of each landscape's creation and the centuries of human activities within it is told.

After reading the book you will have enjoyed both the beauties and the stories behind the Lake District's acclaimed landscapes and, probably, will not look at them again in quite the same way.


Published by Libri Publishing

The Views

Here are some landscapes that have their stories told in  "Hows and Knotts - A Guide to Lakeland Views"